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Black Tea

Black teas are rich, earthy and bold.

Cultures around the world enjoy black tea for its bold, earthy flavor and its energizing and hydrating effects. Unlike green and white teas, black tea is allowed to oxidize or ferment somewhat after harvest – bringing out the tea’s richer flavor profile.

  • Calorie-free black tea is packed with plenty of caffeine to help you get going – one serving contains around 50 to 70 mg of caffeine.
  • Enjoyed both hot and iced all day long, black tea is a unique option for hydration that promises to quench your thirst while reenergizing both body and mind.
  • Black tea’s rich taste makes it the perfect base for celebrated tea blends like chai and Kombucha.

The Celestial Black Tea Difference

Our black teas feature complex profiles and delicious flavors to delight your palate. Here’s how Celestial Seasonings black teas are different.


Whether you prefer the simple pleasures of an English Breakfast tea or a creative blend like one of our Masala-style Teahouse Chai teas, we have you covered.


Our black teas provide a wide range of caffeine content options – from naturally decaffeinated teas to Fast Lane Black Tea with extra caffeine, and everything in between.