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Green Tea

Green teas can taste sweet and slightly grassy.

All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant – but green tea is different because it is quickly steamed or pan-fired after harvest. Because green tea leaves undergo minimal oxidation, a cup of green tea retains more of the vibrant green colour and fresh aroma and flavour of the freshly harvested leaf.

When we find ourselves in a little slump, we often grab whatever’s closest – a snack, a can of soda, and so on. But a flavorful, hydrating drink without added sweeteners or colors might just be a better alternative. Green tea can be that gentle pick-me-up we need to keep the day moving forward.

Green Tea Benefits

All tea leaves naturally contain flavonoids, thought by many to help counter the harmful effects of free radicals in your body. Green tea is frequently cited as the best source of flavonoids due to the minimal processing involved.

As part of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle, green tea can help support metabolism.

With less caffeine than most black teas and far less than your average cup of coffee, green tea might have just the lift you're looking for.


What’s the difference between steamed and pan-fired green tea? Celestial uses both kinds – sometimes in the same blend, depending on the desired flavor profile.


The traditional Japanese method. Tea leaves are treated briefly with steam heat within hours of plucking to stop the oxidation process and draw out the rich green color. This process creates a unique flavor profile that can be described as sweet or slightly grassy. Common types include sencha, matcha (powdered green tea), traditional green tea and more.


The traditional Chinese method. Tea leaves are heated in a basket, pan or rotating drum to halt oxidation. A pan-fired green tea has a grassy, earthy, roasted flavor with a color that ranges from yellowish-green to dark green.

The Celestial Green Tea Difference

Back in the 1990s, Celestial Seasonings introduced the benefits of green tea to millions of Americans. Here’s how Celestial green teas are different:

Antioxidant Vitamin C
We've added 20% of your recommended daily Vitamin C to each serving of our green tea to support your everyday wellness.

Bai mu dan white tea
Many of our green tea blends feature an infusion of rare bai mu dan white tea for a smooth taste.

There’s a Celestial Seasonings Green Tea with just the right flavor and caffeine level for everyone.